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Mercy Goods Co was started in March 2016.  Mercy is a word and has a meaning that we take for granted.  We don't deserve Mercy.  But Mercy is freely given to us.  Because it is freely given to us, We must freely give Mercy to others.  


Mercy Goods exists to create equitable employment, job-training 
and mentorship opportunities.

We are a social enterprise program of Attack Poverty that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements to financial, social, environmental well-being.

EMPLOYMENT - Low income communities are very often job deserts where even entry level positions are filled quickly by adults with plenty of work experience. Our goal is to provide both the practical need of legal employment but also the benefit of having a first line on a resume. The context of employment creates an accountability that moves our workers from being purely recipients to team-members that must take responsibility for themselves and how their actions affect those around them.

Our workshop and storefront will provide a safe and secure work environment that promotes education, skill building and direction for future career paths for LCISD students.

    • Create a space for employment.  Approx. 10 new jobs

    • Teach students/adults how to design/build furniture and other hand crafted items. Students will be safely trained on the use of power tools.

The Mercy Goods storefront will provide an environment to sell ‘Mercy Goods’ and other social conscious items. The main inventory would be various Home Goods designed and built by Mercy Goods employees. (furniture & decor).  The storefront will also be able to provide an opportunity for other social enterprise business to showcase and sell their goods.

The Mercy Goods workshop and storefront will also be able to host community “Make It and Take It” workshops. These will be a guided DIY class open to the public. These classes will encourage the public to support the mission of Mercy Goods and Attack Poverty.

JOB-TRAINING - Qualities we can instill in students are the ability to solve problems and an eye for detail. Additionally we hold our workers to standards which encourage them to learn the value of hard-work but also allows them to experience the pride that comes with a job well done. Whether the young men or women we invest in go on to work with their hands or manage a multi-national business, these attributes will set them up for success.

Through partnerships in the community we aim to provide an environment that is conducive to on the job training such as customer service, professionalism, ‘Jobs for Life’, accounting and marketing. We aim to have a computer lab loaded of up to date commercial creative and design applications where the MG employees can receive training that will benefit them in their future career paths. We would also like to see the space used by local employers to come and use for their staff trainings and team building activities. By doing so strategically, we would be able to encourage and foster relationships and job advancement opportunities for our students.

MENTORSHIPS - Programs provide helpful frameworks but relationships are where real change happens. Employment and job-training ultimately provide the proximity for mentoring relationships to form. Each employee will be paired with a mentor who commits to spend one on one time with them once every two weeks. We work to create a culture of support and friendship that transcends any program or activity. Within the context of these relationships we challenge young men and women to reimagine their futures while providing the tangible steps to reach their full potential.

Potential Mentor/Mentee relationships will form through strategic relationship with Non-profits, Churches, City/County and other businesses in the community.


"I'm the happiest I've ever been."

-Zion Lindner

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